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Bing COVID-19 Tracker 6/5/2020 (6:25 AM): Global Deaths Near 400,000, US Cases Top 1.9 Million

According to the Bing COVID-19 Tracker, the number of global cases has reached 6,632,985. Active cases increased by 52,859 to 3,371,886, which is 51% of the total of confirmed cases worldwide. Recovered cases totaled 2,869,963, or 61,780 higher than yesterday. That the recovered case additions topped active case gains for the second day in a row is a good sign, at least for now.

Global fatal cases have hit 391,136, up 5,045 in the past day. They are 6% of the world’s confirmed case total. At the current rate, global deaths will reach 400,000 in two days.

Total COVID-19 confirmed cases in the United States have reached 1,911,339, which is 29% of the world’s total. Active cases in America numbered 1,362,788, a rise of 13,078. Recovered cases were 438,820, after a 7,128 one-day gain. The increase in active cases was ahead of that of recovered cases by nearly two to one.

American fatalities reached 109,731. They were higher by 1,050, a bigger increase than the day before, as deaths continue to rise at a rate of over 1,000 a day. U.S. COVID-19 deaths are 27% of the world’s total. Note that the number of deaths per day is falling rapidly in some states and rising rapidly in others. For example, confirmed cases in hard-hit New York State reached 375,133, while deaths rose a modest 54 to 24,133. Just a few weeks ago, people were dying by the hundreds there each day.

The growth of deaths in Michigan also slowed. The state has 55,858 confirmed cases. The death count rose by 27 to 2,668, a significant drop in the daily increases in the deaths compared to last month.

Fatal cases in the United States are 5.8% of the nation’s confirmed cases. The upper limit of a forecast by the carefully followed Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation says U.S. deaths could reach 157,715 by August 4.

Texas Figures Remain Particularly Low

Texas is the second-largest state, with a population of 28,995,881. It ranks eighth in confirmed cases at 69,920, which is 19% of the New York State total. New York has a population of 19,453,561. The COVID-19 deaths in Texas number 1,767, up 51 from yesterday, and are 7% of New York’s number.

Among the theories about the low numbers in Texas is that the disease hit the northeast hard and early and that it eventually will spread south and west.

Russian Cases Surge, Near 450,000

Confirmed COVID-19 cases in Russia have reached 449,834, and deaths number 5,528, up 144 in a day. The figures are devastating and put Russia in third place behind Brazil, which has 615,870 confirmed cases and 34,039 deaths, an increase of 1,471. That means Russia’s death rate is 1.2% while Brazil’s is 5.5%.

Oddly, in mid-April, Alexander Myasnikov, Russia’s COVID-19 information chief, told medical journal The Lancet that it was “impossible” for the virus to show up in his country. He put the odds at 0.0%. Not only was he wrong, but experts believe Russia’s figures are undercounted, perhaps because the central government undercounts them on purpose.