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Bing COVID-19 Tracker 6/13/2020 (8:54 AM): LA Problems, UK Recovery

According to the Bing COVID-19 Tracker, the number of global cases has reached 7,617,591, a surge of 115,313 since yesterday. Active cases number 3,591,420 and are 47% of the total of confirmed cases worldwide. Recovered cases increased by 68,894 to 3,601,584. It is probably the first time recovered cases have moved ahead of active cases. That is eclipsed, however, by the rapid rise of confirmed cases in some U.S. cities and in Latin America and Russia.

Global fatal cases have hit 424,587, which is a 3,555 one-day gain. That increase is smaller than the day before. Deaths are just below 6% of the world’s confirmed cases total.

Brazil, the second hardest hit nation, accounts for 843 of these deaths, although most experts believe the count is low. Brazil has 829,902 confirmed cases. The United States has many more confirmed cases, yet its fatal case count is about the same as Brazil’s.

The total of confirmed cases in the United States is up to 2,090,553. That is 27% of the world’s total. Active COVID-19 cases in America have reached 1,328,600. Recovered cases added 23,960 (fewer than the day before) to total 645,606. Confirmed case increases are driven by a rise in several states, including Texas and Florida, the second and third largest states by population after California. For example, confirmed cases rose by 2,097 in Texas to 83,680. In New York, the hardest-hit state, confirmed cases increased by a much smaller 822 to 381,714,

American fatalities reached 116,347, up 860 in a day. The number of deaths per day has been below 1,000 for most of the past week. U.S. deaths are 28% of the world’s total. The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington School of Medicine posted a warning that another surge late in the summer could take the U.S. death toll to 169,890 by October 1. The high end of the model’s prediction for the same period is 290,000.

A Big Jump in Los Angeles County

Los Angeles County is the largest in the nation by far, based on a population of 10,105,518. Confirmed COVID-19 cases there are surging: up 3,053 from yesterday to 68,875. That compares to the California total of 141,983, after a one-day gain of 2,702. Deaths in Los Angeles County reached 2,813, up by 106.

Of the population in Los Angeles County, 3,990,456 live in the City of Los Angeles. Much of the rest are in Long Beach, Santa Clarita and Glendale.

Improvement in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom remains the fifth hardest hit nation in the world, though the increase in its confirmed cases has slowed. Ahead of it on the list of confirmed cases are the United States, Brazil, Russia at 520,129 and India at 310,156.

Many experts believe that the counts in Brazil, Russia and India are low.

Confirmed cases in the United Kingdom rose by 1,541, while in Brazil, Russia and India, the gains were 24,253, 8,706 and 11,674, respectively.