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Bing Covid-19 Tracker 6/14/2020 (8:31 AM) Global Cases Near 7.8 Million, German Deaths Near Zero

According to the Bing Covid-19 Tracker, global confirmed cases have reached 7,798,046, up 180,455. They should pass 7.8 million today. Daily confirmed cases worldwide have started to grow more quickly than in most of the last few weeks. While confirmed case growth has slowed in the U.S., UK, and Europe, it has picked up in Russia and Latin America. Active cases worldwide are 3,652,268. Active cases are 47% of the total of global confirmed cases. Recovered cases are 3,715,486 higher by 113,902. Total global recovered cases have moved ahead of active cases recently.

Global fatal cases hit 430,292 up 5,705. Deaths rose more sharply from the day before. Deaths are just below 6% of the world’s confirmed cases total.

Brazil, the second hardest-hit nation, accounts for 890 of these deaths, although most experts believe the count is low. Brazil has 829,902 confirmed cases. U.S. fatal cases posted an increase of 779.

Total confirmed cases in the U.S. hit 2,115,994, up 25,441, US confirmed cases are 27% of the world’s total

Active COVID-19 cases in America reached 1,348,589. Recovered cases were 650,279, up 4,673, The increase in recovered cases was fewer than the day before. Confirmed case increases are driven by a rise in several states which include Texas and Florida, the second and third largest states by population after California. Confirmed cases rose in California rose to 145,643, up 3,660. In New York, the hardest-hit state confirmed cases reached 382,630, up a much smaller 916.

Fatal cases in America reached 117,126, up 779. The number of deaths per day has been below 1,000 for most of the last 10 days. U.S. deaths are 28% of the world’s total. The Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington School of Medicine posted a warning that another surge late in the summer could take the U.S. death toll to 169,890 by October 1. The high end of this model’s prediction for the same period is 290,000.

Pennsylvania Case Growth Slows

Pennsylvania ranks eighth among states with confirmed cases of 78,462, up 463. Deaths reached 6,211, higher by 49. By contrast, confirmed cases in California rose to 145,643, a much higher 3,660. Deaths in California rose to 4,989, up 46. It is an example of how confirmed case count increases have moved out of the Northeast and toward states the west and south.

New Jersey Cases Growth Also Slows

New Jersey is the second hardest-hit state after New York. This may be because the counts in areas near New York City are so high. Confirmed cases in New Jersey are 166,605, up 441. This is a much slower rate than three weeks ago. Deaths are 12,589, up 100, also a sharp slowdown compared to late May.

Germany Death Increases Near Zero

Deaths in Germany were always particularly low compared to the UK and large nations in Europe. Total fatal cases are 8,867. This compares to 41,662 in the UK, 27,136 in Spain, and 34,301 in Italy. The death count rose by only 4 in Germany today. An example of a country which is smaller but has a much higher increase in deaths is Peru. The death count in the South American nation is 6,498, up 190. Peru’s numbers are still rising rapidly

Germany’s low numbers are linked to a strong healthcare system, and early lockdowns and tracing.