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Bing COVID-19 Tracker 6/16/2020 (7:09 AM): Global Cases Top 8 Million

According to the Bing COVID-19 Tracker, the number of global cases has reached 8,035,364, up 134,440 since yesterday. The daily increase now is routinely above 100,000. Also, daily confirmed cases worldwide have started to grow more quickly than in most of the past few weeks. While confirmed case growth has slowed in the United States, the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe, it has picked up in Russia and Latin America.

Active cases worldwide number 3,725,483 and are 47% of the total of confirmed cases worldwide. Total global recovered cases rose by 103,251 to 3,872,963. They have moved ahead of active cases figure recently, but just barely. And global fatal cases hit 436,918, after a 3,852 one-day gain. Deaths rose less than the day before and are just above 5% of the world’s confirmed cases total. Many experts believe the death count is much too low, largely because many developing nations cannot track or accurately count numbers.

Brazil, the second hardest hit nation after the United States, has 891,556 confirmed cases, a surge of 23,674. The figure likely will top 900,000 in a day. The nation reported 44,118 deaths, a one-day gain of 729.

Russia, the third hardest hit nation, posted a COVID-19 death increase 193 to a total of 7,284, and it has 545,458 confirmed cases. India’s death count was 9,922, up 397 in a day, against 344,407 confirmed cases. The fourth hardest hit country, its posted figures are almost certainly very low. The nation’s Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia told reporters that he expected the city of Delhi to have 550,000 cases by the end of July.

Total confirmed cases in the United States have hit 2,155,809, higher by 20,500. That is 27% of the world’s total. The growth in confirmed COVID-19 cases is driven by a rise in several states, including Texas, Florida and California, the three largest states by population. Among them, they have over 27% of the U.S. population. Confirmed cases in California rose by 2,597 to 151,452. In Texas, confirmed case count has reached 89,108, after adding 1,254. In Florida, there are 77,326 confirmed cases, a one-day gain of 1,758. In New York, the hardest-hit state, confirmed cases reached 383,944, a relatively smaller increase of 620.

Active COVID-19 cases in America totaled 1,364,299, and recovered cases were at 673,700, a jump of 19,298. In a bad sign, the number of active cases is more than two times that of recovered cases.

American fatalities reached 117,810. The increase of 384 is slightly higher than the day before, and the number of deaths per day has been below 1,000 for most of the past two weeks. U.S. deaths are 27% of the world’s total. The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington School of Medicine warned that another surge late in the summer could take the U.S. death toll to 169,890 by October 1. The high end of the model’s prediction for the same period is 290,000.

Confirmed Cases Below 5,000 in Nine States

Nine states have confirmed case counts below 5,000. Most are geographically large mountain states. However, several are smaller states in the east, and one is Hawaii.

Montana has 609 cases and 19 deaths. Alaska has 664 cases and 12 deaths. Hawaii has 728 confirmed cases and 17 deaths. Wyoming has 1,060 confirmed cases and 18 deaths. Vermont has 1,128 cases and 55 deaths. West Virginia has 2,332 confirmed cases and 88 deaths. Maine has 2,810 confirmed cases and 101 deaths. North Dakota has 3,101 cases and 74 deaths. And Idaho has 3,399 cases and 87 deaths.

Alaska is the largest state as measured by square miles. Montana ranks fourth by the same metric and Wyoming ranks 10th. Idaho ranks 14th, South Dakota ranks 16th and North Dakota ranks 18th by the same measure. Each of these states has a small population, which creates natural social distancing.

Vermont and Maine are relatively small as measured by square miles. Vermont is 45th on this basis and Maine 39th. Because of their modest populations, they have similar advantages to the mountain states.

Hawaii is an outlier. Among the theories is that it is so remote from the largest outbreaks, particularly the hardest-hit states, including New York and New Jersey.

West Virginia in an outlier as well. Infections hit the state late, and it is 46th in land size.

Peru Hit Hard for Its Size

Peru remains among the hardest-hit nations in the world, despite its small population. It ranks ninth in confirmed cases at 232,992. COVID-19 deaths currently number 6,860. The confirmed case count puts it just behind arguably the hardest-hit nation in the world aside from the United States. Italy has 237,290 confirmed cases and 24,371 deaths.

However, Italy’s population of 60,627,291 is much larger than Peru’s 32,510,453. Among the theories for the high infection rate in Peru is that much of its population is poor. It has been hard to measure whether people there have honored lockdowns. In terms of deaths, like many developing nations, Peru has neither the medical systems nor government infrastructure to give accurate counts.