Caterpillar reported better than expected quarterly results before the markets opened on Friday, but expectations were rather low.
General Electric posted second-quarter results Wednesday morning that missed both top- and bottom-line estimates. And the company burned through $2.1 billion in cash during the quarter.
The investing community has gone through its share of being for and against conglomerates. It sounds great that some industries can perform well to act as an offset while other industries are...
Kodak, once a giant in photography, received a $765 million federal loan to begin building a pharmaceutical business.
3M released disappointing second-quarter financial results before the markets opened on Tuesday
A $1.5 trillion infrastructure bill passed the U.S. House on Wednesday. If it (or some other similar bill) were to be enacted, here are seven companies that could reap significant benefits.
After a relationship that had lasted 110 years, GE will replace KPMG as its independent auditing firm beginning next year. Deloitte has been selected as GE's new auditor.
U.S. Steel and Nucor both released second-quarter guidance this week. Investors have reacted quite differently to the news.
After two decades of portfolio shuffling and reshuffling, and with a new entrenched team, GE is trying to rebuild itself and restore its reputation as an industrial conglomerate.
With America having been given a hard lesson about distant supply chains over the past 18 months or so, it's time to look at some of the industry leaders and well-known cyclical companies again....
Caterpillar Inc. (NYSE: CAT) is caught between a rock and a hard place in the COVID-19 recession. The bad news is that even its domestic operations are suffering. The good news is that the declines...
Fuel Tech is a tiny stock that was rekindled as a cult stock on Friday as its shares were up more than 100% shortly after the opening bell.
With earnings behind it, some investors have to be wondering if 3M is finally setting up for a major recovery. Most analysts on Wall Street remain very cautious.
General Electric reported mixed first-quarter financial results and offered no guidance before the markets opened on Wednesday.
3M released better than expected first-quarter financial results but withdrew its full-year guidance before the markets opened on Thursday.