The Cisco Kid Rides Again (CSCO)

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Cisco Systems (CSCO) said that it would deliver again. The company affirmed that it would hit a 16% revenue growth rate in the quarter ending in October and also repeated that it would see 12% to 17% growth over the next three to five years. In yesterday’s Financial Analyst Conference 2007, the company maintained its strong tone from just a month ago. 

Here is just part of the winning combo:

  • The company’s diversification into video conferencing, VoIP, data security and even cable set-top boxes seems to be working better than most would have guessed.
  • If you listened to John Chambers in the last earnings conference call, you will know that TelePresence is going to be a huge focus going forward. 
  • The company has been investing heavily into wireless and future WiMAX offerings in many private acquisitions.

Back in January, 24/7 Wall St. outlined the path for Cisco shares to hit $34.00 around mid-year.  Shares briefly hit multi-year highs after its strong guidance.

Cisco is no longer just a router company. But, there is nothing wrong with that.

Douglas A. McIntyre