Dow Jones (DJ) Advertising Dives In July

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Dow Jones (DJ) had an awful month in July.

Advertising revenue at the print Wall Street Journal decreased 7.2% in July on a 20.9% decrease in advertising volume. An increase in financial advertising volume was more than offset by declines in the technology, classified and general advertising categories.

By category, high-yielding financial advertising volume increased 21.0% due to increases in tombstone, wholesale and insurance advertising. Technology advertising volume decreased 75.4%.

Classified advertising volume decreased 13.5% due to a decrease in real estate advertising. General advertising volume decreased 5.9% as decreases in auto, consumer electronics, pharmaceuticals, luxury goods and corporate advertising.

Online ad revenue was a bright spot. Online advertising revenue at The Wall Street Journal Digital Network, which includes,, and the company’s vertical websites increased 24.0% in July driven by increases in financial and technology advertising.

International print advertising revenue decreased 6.5% in July primarily driven by declines in technology. and classified advertising.

It is hard to image that the month could have been much worse

Douglas A. McIntyre