Dell’s Turnaround Gets Mashed

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Dell (DELL) came out with a set of cool PCs with fancy colors and better displays. They are aimed at the consumer market. In the past DELL was mostly a direct seller to enterprises. But, now it sells PCs in places like Wal-Mart (WMT) and needs models that look a little bit more like the Apple (AAPL) Macs.

The problem with the DELL plan is that the parts for these new laptops are late and the paint has dust in it.

So, to see if it can calm upset customers, DELL has set up a blog, according to The Wall Street Journal. One DELL exec recently blogged "Our vendors are ramping production as quickly as possible."

Great approach to customer service. It is almost as good as the idea the company had to outsource some customer to India a few years ago. Customer service became a "get transferred to five different department and hold the line" kind of thing.

It look like DELL is heading down that path again.

Douglas A. McIntyre