This Week on StockHouse August 20 to 24

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Publisher, executive editor Darin Diehl invited ( StockHouse members to discover their inner journalist. User generated content is going to be a big part of the new StockHouse. Check out the article, or write to with your questions or proposals.

For a fast review of the most visited posts, BullBoards and features on StockHouse this week, please read the Top Five (, assembled by the Editorial team.

Microcap Monday publisher Danny Deadlock crowed (

when his tech pick Rand A Technology (TSX: T.RND), a provider of IT services and technology to the engineering industry, was snapped by private equity firm Ampersand Ventures.

Greg Silberman worried ( that the credit crunch could have a wider effect, and may ultimately hurt U.S. treasurys. What’s an investor to do? Well, buy gold and silver, of course!

On point, reporter Robert Arber took the pulse on several silver-related BullBoards ( ), and found optimism about silver prices, although the timing of any gains for the precious metal varied widely.

In a StockHouse Q&A, Jaison Thomas outlined ( the genesis of his Trinity Capital and argued for the company-supported research model.

There were more than stars in the eyes of StockHouse readers when they read the news ( that analysis of bulk samples found by KWG Resources (TSX: V.KWG) revealed the presence of several micro-diamonds.

While junior resource companies scoop up a huge share of discussion time on the BullBoards, Robert Arber found that WestJet (TSX: T.WJA) posters had the inside info ( ) thanks to contributions from posters who ‘outed’ themselves as employees of the airline.

Steven Saville referenced historic charts ( ) of the S&P500 to support his view that an ultimate bottom is still ahead for the markets.

Using his technical analysis acumen, Donald Dony agreed. He forecast tough times ( ) through September.

Is moly hot again? Reporter Sean Mason noted a discovery by B.C. exploration company TTM Resources (TSX: V.TTQ) grabbed headlines ( ) and investor dollars on Wednesday.

Mining companies in the central Asian country of Mongolia have faced some big political obstacles of late. Robert Arber tuned in the discussion at the Western Prospector (TSX: V.WNP) board and found out that posters worried about the reach ( ) of the Russian government.

Market Wizard Jay Matulich was another commentator extolling the virtues of gold ( to help ease the pain of a jumpy market.

It’s not just miners who are capitalizing on the resource boom. A junior with a plan to build a Brazilian iron ore port facility ( ) was among the big market winners on Thursday.

Fairly valued ( ) or over valued: that was the discussion about Mercator Minerals (TSX: T.ML), according to Robert Arber’s BullBoards roundup on Thursday.

John J. De Goey highlighted a company with a revolutionary approach to fees attached to passive investment instruments. (

On Friday, poster GabrielGuy stepped into the market analyst role and noted that investors and bankers who wanted to have it both ways may have pushed the credit crunch to an extreme ( ).