This Week on StockHouse July 23 to 27

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The last full week of July was the week that investors decided that markets had gone far enough. Major world exchanges sold off amid worries about record-high oil prices, the implications of a slumping U.S. housing market, and the overbought conditions of many exchanges.

StockHouse members found plenty to discuss after a junior gold miner unveiled news of a new gold discovery in Mexico. For a fast rundown of that discussion, and other popular subjects on StockHouse for the week, check out the Top Five (

The newest StockHouse feature, the BullBoards Roundup by Robert Arber ( ), was out of the gate on Wednesday, and touched on posters’ reactions to a trading halt at Knight Resources (TSX: V.KNP), among other discussions.

The parabolic rise in uranium prices has sparked intense interest in all aspects of the radioactive fuel. This week reporter Sean Mason looked at how posters on the Energy Fuels (TSX: TEFR) board reacted to the company’s decision to locate a proposed uranium mill ( ) on newly acquired property in Colorado.

For a brief moment this week, it looked as though Apple’s (NASDAQ: AAPL) shares were going to become reacquainted with gravity. With connection rates for its iPhone below expectations, would Research in Motion (NASDAQ: RIMM; TSX: T.RIM), the maker of the BlackBerry portable email device, make headway in the market? Opinion was divided (, as Sean Mason learned.

From the columnists this week:

Danny Deadlock revisited content management and data mining software maker Nstein (TSX: V.EIN), highlighting news that it had signed a contract with ( ), an arm of the Quebecor Media empire.

Investors should be worried about the amount of investment in U.S. Treasuries by China’s government, but can hedge ( ) their risk by buying gold and gold stocks, said David Galland in the Casey Files.

The U.S. dollar veered dangerously close to the 80-cent level before trading higher. Donald Dony examined the prospects for a 70-something cent dollar ( ) and read the tea leaves for commodities and other currencies should this drop occur.

After the beating suffered by so many securities, there are going to be bargains in many sectors, and just in time for investors to find them, Micro-cap Spotlight authors Institutional Research Partners listed their favourite Internet research sites (

Are there troubles ahead for Intermune’s (NASDAQ: ITMN) experimental hepatitis C therapy? Even so ( it may be too expensive ( ), wrote Leon Hamerling & J. Paul.

This week’s Wizard, Jay Matulich, warned that the bull market was getting on in years, but held out the prospect that there could be another rally ( ) before the end of September.

Mark McNair, the Securities Sleuth, noted that the board of water filtration company Pall Corp (NYSE: PLL) had begun an investigation ( ) into possible material understatements of its U.S. income tax payments.

While some investors were breaking out the champagne and cigars as the Dow topped 14,000 last week, others were setting stop losses and taking other measures to preserve their investment capitol ( ). George Leong hoped you’re among the latter group.

He’s no guru, but John J. De Goey argued for a little peace, love and understanding in the financial advice community. ( )

And Financially Fit argued that investing in a Roth IRA is a good investment in your retirement. ( )