China Stocks Wild Again Today (RCH)(KUN)(CHNR)

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There is no gravity in the Chinese stock market.

Shares in several companies traded in the US but based in China are making big runs again today.

China Architectural (RCH) Amex traded shares up 36% to 52-week high of $27.10 against low of $4.80.

China Shenghuo Pharma (KUN) Amex traded company up 25% to $15.14. The 52-week low is $3.10.

New Oriental Energy & Chemical Corp (NOEC) Nice 16% run today to 52-week high of $9.60. Low for the period is $2.93.

China Natural Resources (CHNR) Up 18% to $48.40. Near 52-week high on low of $6.50.

The average return from the 52-week low on these is about five times.

Not bad

Douglas A. McIntyre