Behringer Harvard REIT II: A $2 Billion Private REIT Filing

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Behringer Harvard REIT II, Inc., a REIT, or real estate investment trust, submitted a filing to allow for a share offering today. The offering shows a $10 price per share for 200 million shares for proceeds of up to $2,475,500,000. The REIT does not intend to trade on a national securities exchange and no underwriters were listed for the offering.  The filing also goes out to 2010.

Dallas-based Behringer Harvard REIT II plans to conduct its operations through its Operating Partnership with Behringer Harvard Operating Partnership II LP. They intend to focus on seasoned and stable commercial real estate and real estate-related assets, rather than opportunistic real-estate investments, in the United States and possibly in other countries. They are advised by Behringer Advisors II LP, an affiliate of their sponsor, Behringer Holdings LLC. As the company plans to structure the offering as a REIT, it will be exempt from federal income tax on income distributed to their shareholders. The CEO, Chief Investment Officer, and Chairman of the Board, Robert Behringer has sponsored four publicly-offered REITs as well as several other real estate-related holdings.

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Rachel Lopez
April 9, 2008