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Texas COVID-19 Cases Surge Toward 1 Million

COVID-19 has hit Texas harder than any other state, based on the number of confirmed cases. The figure is 973,517 and recently has risen at between 5,000 and 6,000 each day. Yesterday, the rise was 8,588. The state almost certainly will see 1 million confirmed cases by the end of the weekend.

Coronavirus deaths in Texas total 18,722.

The largest contributor to the Texas figures is Harris County, home to Houston. Confirmed cases there number 163,845 and fatal cases are at 2,823.

Texas is America’s second-largest state by population, at 28,995,881. California has a population of 39,512,223 and has posted 949,383 cases and 17,751 deaths. That confirmed case number puts California second among all states.

The state with the third-highest number of confirmed COVID-19 cases is Florida with 816,700. It has posted 17,099 fatal cases. It is also the nation’s third-largest state based on population, at 21,477,737.

Fourth on the list of confirmed cases, New York State has 518,431. Deaths from the disease stand at 33,198. The death count is higher than all other states because of the brutal and early spread in New York City, which peaked in March and April. New York City’s confirmed case count is 270,317 and deaths stand at 24,021. New York is the nation’s fourth-largest state, based on a population of 19,453,561.

Nationwide, there are 9,490,941 confirmed cases. They have started to rise at the rate of over 80,000 most days. Coronavirus deaths number 236,319 and have started to increase at a daily rate near 1,000.

Globally, confirmed cases sit at 47,442,284 and fatal cases at 1,214,390.

Running second to the United States in confirmed cases, India has 8,314,421. Fatal cases in the world’s second-most populous nation are at 123,662. Third-place Brazil has 5,567,126 confirmed cases and 160,548 fatalities.

California will be the first state to cross the 1 million case mark, but one or two states are likely to follow it.