Media Digest December 4, 2006 Reuters, NYT, WSJ

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According to Reuters, the CEO of Ericsson is more optimistic that there will be a deal between his frim and Qualcomm. Ericsson has complained that Qualcomm overcharges for royaltied on Wideband and thiird generation cell technology and has take its complaints to the European Commission.

Reuters writes that Pfizer’s shares are at risk of falling because a cholesterol drug it believed would replace income from Lipitor is being pull due to health problems.

The Wall Street Journal writes tha Chinese search firm Baidu is entering the Japanese market in a threat to Yahoo! and Google’s businesses there.

The Wall Street Journal writes that Quallcomm is buying two chip firms to help it compete with Intel in the wireless business. The companies have strengths in the WiFi and Bluetooth wireless technologies.

Airbus will have to pitch its new A350 plane as better than Boeing 787 because Airbus is so late to the market and Boeing has such a large lead. The marketing of the plane will include a larger cabin and more fuel economy.

The New York Times reports that part of Barry Diller’s media company, will begin offering local search.

The New York Times also writes that Yahoo! and Reuters will begin a service to encourage cellphone user with cameras to contribute photos to Reuters new service and Yahoo! News.

The New York times reports that Dow Jone flagship The Wall Street Journal will shrink the size of its paper and cut the amount of news it runs by 10% as part of a cost savings program.

Douglas A. McIntyre