Cramer Says Heelys IPO Rolls in the Dough

Douglas A. McIntyre

ON tonight’s MAD MONEY, Cramer said that it is important to know your IPO and this one could have you rolling in the dough.

Heelys (HLYS) hits tomorrow, and Cramer said this one may be huge.  This may be a fad, but it is a money maker.  This is pricing between $16 and $18 and that is too low and should get a big premium.  How strong is the fad, what will you pay and where do want to sell it?  Cramer said the accelerated revenue growth and these shoes are all over.  He thinks the roller shoe fits into the individual sports massive growth fad.

He said if it had a CROX, ZUMZ, or UARM that this was a much larger premium.  He thinks you can pay $21 to $23 tomorrow.  If you can buy in low $20’s then you have to sell if it goes to $30 because it is a fad.

By the way, when Cramer does a set-up AHEAD of an IPO it actually makes it very hard to trade for retail.  The people that can get the IPO at the pricing are happy, but this just adds in extra premium.

Jon C. Ogg
December 6, 2006