Recapping Cramer's Calls From Tuesday DEC 5, 2006

Yesterday, Jim Cramer had a fairly busy day on the markets.

He noted that now Sirius (SIRI) really needs to merge or they are done for after their warning; he also noted that he should have stuck by his guns and not allowed Mel Karmazin into tricking Cramer that the company didn’t need to merge.

Cramer talked up oil stocks on his video and then again on CNBC’s STOP TRADING segment around 2:45 PM EST by saying that XOM-Exxon, COP-Conoco, and CVX-Chevron (yes, I know I butchered the names all off) as buys going higher because of buybacks.

Cramer noted ahead of an FDA meeting on stents that he thinks stents will be left on the market: Buy BSX-Boston Scientific if you are a risk taker, or Buy  JNJ-Johnson & Johnson if youare conservative; he didn’t note that SurModics-SRDX is J&J’s polymer maker for the drug coated stent nor that Angiotech (ANPI) is Boston Scientific’s drug coated stent polymer maker.

Cramer noted that TBL-Timberland could be bought by VFC-VF Corp, although it was more strategy for VFC and re-capping part of a takeover rumor and story already in the market since they hired Goldman to look for a buyer.