Media Digest 9/28/2007 Reuters, WSJ, NYTimes, FT, Barrons

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According to Reuters, Goldman Sachs (GS) offered $1.5 billion for reinsurance broker Benfield

Reuters writes that Alan Greenspan thinks the chance of a US recession is still below 50/50.

Reuters reports that the head of Freddie Mac says the chance of a US recession is close to 40% to 45%.

The Wall Street Journal writes that Google (GOOG) is facing a battle in the US Senate over is purchase of DoubeClick.

The Wall Street Journal reports that AT&T (T) is planning to buy companies overseas and offer telecom services worldwide.

WSJ writes that CBS (CBS) has created CBS EyeLab, a site of short clips from its shows to attract web views who only want to spend a few minutes watching video.

WSJ said comments by the head of the FCC cast some doubt on the Sirius (SIRI) merger with XM.

WSJ writes that Dell (DELL) will sell computers in Wal-Mart stores in Brazil and Mexico.

The New York Times writes that Disnye (DIS) has shut down its cellphone service.

FT writes that the global M&A market fell 42% in the third quarter.

FT also writes that Intel (INTC) says that a large number of jobs will go overseas if healthcare cost in the US keep rising.

Barron’s writes that Big Band (BBND) cuts its forecasts driving the stock down more than 20%.

Bloomberg reports that oil moved up sharply to $83 a barrel.

CNN Money writes that the EPA found the Japanese cars are still more fuel efficient than those made by US companies.

Douglas A. McIntyre