Facebook Adds New Security Features for Indian Users

Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ: FB) is constantly making strides in security measures for protecting its users. In this case, the social media giant introduced some new protections for profile pictures in India, according to The Verge. These new protections are expected to cut down on people copying, sharing or misusing users’ profile pictures.

Ultimately, Facebook was motivated to make these changes after Indian social and safety organizations voiced their concerns that some women in the country had chosen to not upload pictures of their faces on the site out of fear of misuse.

Now, the social network offers a blue shield border around a user’s image, and — on Android at least — Facebook believes that this will prevent users from taking screenshots of profile pictures where possible.

These tools are expected to cut down the likelihood that a picture will be copied or misused by at least 75%, according to Facebook.

According to The Verge:

Users can now add those layers quickly through Facebook’s system, but the tools aren’t likely to cut out the copying of profile pictures overnight. While Facebook says it’s doing what it can to stop people from screenshotting images via Android, users could still take screengrabs on laptop or desktop, and the new blue shielded border is a “visual cue” of protection, rather than any hard barrier.

Facebook has not yet mentioned whether or not similar measures will be available in other countries.

Shares of Facebook were last trading down about 0.6% to $153.06, with a consensus analyst price target of $169.30 and a 52-week trading range of $108.23 to $155.59.