Cramer's TOP 9 CEO's This Week

Stock Tickers: COST, KSS, FD, JCP, RL, RSH, SHLD, SKS, VFC
This entire week Jim Cramer featured a list of CEO’s that Cramer feels deserve “the benefit of the doubt,” even if they have bad news and if the stock gets hit.  These names were all in the retail sector instead of in multiple categories.  Here is a summary of his list with a link to the full summary of what Cramer said:

The firstest, bestest, and baddest CEO (yep, dat’s mint too b badd inglish) is Cramer’s beloved Eddie Lampert of Sears Holdings (SHLD), and his second most favorite CEO right now was Julian Day of RadioShack (RSH-NYSE),  Here’s why he thinks both of these are still a Buy.

On Thursday, Cramer noted that Ralph Lauren of Ralph Lauren (RL-NYSE) is a star as long as he has Roger Farah as the COO.  He also noted that Steve Sadove of Saks (SKS-NYSE) has done extremely well because of Ronald Frasch.  Here’s the details of what Cramer said.

On Wednesday, Cramer’s two CEO’s deserving the benefit of the doubt are Jim Sinegal of CostCo (COST-NASDAQ) and Lawrence Montgomery of Kohl’s (KSS-NYSE).  Here was what he liked about them.

On Tuesday, Cramer said he likes Mike Ullman of JC Penney Corp. (JCP-NYSE) and likes Terry Ludgren of Federated (FD-NYSE).  Here’s why.

Cramer started the week out with the CEO of VF Corp (VFC-NYSE), Mackey McDonald, as a winner.  He liked the unit sale and more.

So this was Cramer’s list.  We are actually in the midst of showing some great CEO’s ourselves again called “Entrenched Corporate Leaders” and at least one of these men (did you notice these were all men, does Jimbo discriminate? just kidding of course) is on our list. Stay tuned next week.  By the way, being an “entrenched leader” isn’t a bad thing (although shareholders probably don’t like some of them).  Here was our first list of “Entrenched Corporate Leaders” from earlier in the year.

Jon C. Ogg
March 31, 2007

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