Einstein Bros. Back From the Pink Sheets (NWRG, BAGL, PNRA, SBUX)

Is it an IPO, a Recapitalization, a Secondary, or a PIPE? Truthfully, it is all of them and none of them.  It’s a Re-PO.

Maybe the restaurant chain didn’t die, but the stock might as well have until now.  New World Restaurant Group, Inc. (NWRG-PINKSHEET) is back to the old Einstein Noah Restaurant Group, Inc. name and will trade under the ticker “BAGL” on NASDAQ after this upcoming securities sale.  This has been in the works for some time via SEC filings (April 10 original filing date), but today the company set some terms for an offering.  Einstein is selling 5 million shares at an estimated $19.00 to $21.00 range in what should amount a roughly $100 million stock offering.  This will get it back into NASDAQ compliance and off the deathly Pink Sheets where most investors fear to tread.

This is not a simple deal, so be sure to read what we are noting on this and be sure to read through the prospectus link on your own if you are interested in this offering.  Anyone with an “investor’s memory” may recall that the company never went under as far as an operation, but it was definitely an investor flame-out the first time around. We look for special situation investments such as back-door plays into IPO’s or recapitalizations, and this is truly a unique offering in that this one is a bit of both.

We will be posting more on this offering on Monday, so stay tuned.  This entire full note with more detail and analysis went out to our free email subscriber list.  If you wish to sign up for that list you can do so on the website yourself or you can send an email to with your name and email and label it “Subscribe” in the title.

Further on in this we have identified the financials, the brokers who will cover it, the risks, the outlook, the financials, the growth plans, the ownership, control stakes, the debt and financial covenants, and more.  We will also be conducting some spot location reviews similar to what we did on Stabucks (SBUX-NASDAQ) in different geographic locations and noted a brief similarity to Panera Bread (PNRA-NASDAQ).  NWRG/BAGL is a far different entity than the others and will definitely not be the sort of stock for every single investor out there.

Have a great weekend.

Jon C. Ogg
May 18, 2007

Jon Ogg can be reached at; he does not own securities in the companies he covers.