Smartphone Users Spending More Money but Less Time Online

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As technology is becoming more integrated, we’re more capable of doing practically anything from our mobile devices. Ordering food, buying clothes or even paying bills can be done with just a swipe of the finger. And as these services are becoming more accessible from mobile devices, smartphone users have steadily been spending more per each website they visit.

Adobe Digital Insights (ADI) recently released a report highlighting that the amount of money people spent per visit to online retailers has increased 27% since the beginning of 2015. But at the same time, the length of smartphone website visits has declined by 10%.

One of the contributing factors to this is that online retailers are making their sites quicker and the shopping experience more simplified, meaning consumers can find what they want and purchase it with ease.

According to ADI, online visits to U.S. websites have been flat for the past three years. And, considering that a whopping 76.2% of the U.S. population was already connected to the internet as of 2016, significant growth won’t come from new users. Instead, to stay relevant, websites will have to embrace the shift to smartphones, as they are the only devices that have seen growth in online visits.

It’s worth pointing out that faster cellular connections through 5G could easily precipitate the increase of mobile sales. In fact, ADI believes that mobile sales will increase by $12 billion in 2021. Obviously faster and simpler websites will play a big role in this.

Overall, mobile sales account for roughly 23% of the $108 billion in online sales that Adobe measured during this holiday season. But the firm notes that mobile sales are growing at a larger rate than desktop or tablet revenues.

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