McDonald's Ends the Year With 37,000 Stores: Where Are They?

Douglas A. McIntyre

McDonald’s Corp. (NYSE: MCD) has announced its full-year earnings. Revenue dipped slightly in 2018, but traffic to stores increased. Demand allowed the world’s largest fast-food company to end the year with over 37,000 locations.

McDonald’s reported that these stores are spread across over 100 countries. McDonald’s owns very few of these stores itself. Over 90% are held by local owners who have franchises.

For the full year, McDonald’s reported revenue fell 8% to $21 billion. Net income rose 14% to $732 million. One reason McDonald’s can maintain such a high store count is an increase in traffic. Same-store sales worldwide rose 4.5% in 2018.

McDonald’s President and Chief Executive Officer Steve Easterbrook commented:

We’ve now achieved 14 consecutive quarters of positive global comparable sales and our customers rewarded us with more visits in 2018, helping us to achieve two consecutive years of global guest count growth for the first time since 2012.

McDonald’s provides store count for every nation in which it operates. At the top of the list, the United States has 14,428. A look at the entire world with stores by nation:

All Countries (36525 restaurants)
United States (14428 restaurants)
America Samoa (2 restaurants)
Andora (0 restaurants)
Argentina (223 restaurants)
Aruba (3 restaurants)
Australia (955 restaurants)
Austria (196 restaurants)
Azerbaijan (10 restaurants)
Bahrain (19 restaurants)
Belarus (9 restaurants)
Belgium (74 restaurants)
Bosnia (3 restaurants)
Brazil (883 restaurants)
Brunei (1 restaurants)
Bulgaria (42 restaurants)
Canada (1443 restaurants)
Caribbean G&A & DL’s (9 restaurants)
Chile (78 restaurants)
China (2223 restaurants)
Colombia (80 restaurants)
Costa Rica (58 restaurants)
Croatia (25 restaurants)
Cuba (1 restaurants)
Curacao (5 restaurants)
Cyprus (18 restaurants)
Czech Republic (93 restaurants)
Denmark (89 restaurants)
Dominican Republic (9 restaurants)
Ecuador (24 restaurants)
Egypt (89 restaurants)
El Salvador (14 restaurants)
Estonia (10 restaurants)
Fiji (4 restaurants)
Finland (72 restaurants)
France (1384 restaurants)
French Guiana (2 restaurants)
Georgia (9 restaurants)