The 10 Best Green Cars

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10. 2013 MKZ Hybrid
> Make: Lincoln
> Price: $35,925
> Combined fuel efficiency: 45 MPG
> 2012 U.S. sales: 6,069

The Lincoln MKZ is a luxury car, with a base price for both the hybrid and non-hybrid models exceeding $35,000. Kelly Blue Book describes the car as possessing the latest cutting-edge technology, including a touch infotainment system, and keyless entry. Edmunds describes the MKZ as similar to the Lexus 300 ES but with slightly better fuel economy and as “sharper to drive.” Lincoln had high hopes for the model, and it has received much press, as well as a $7.4 million Super Bowl ad. However, since the MKZ came out of the gate in December 2012, sales have been very disappointing.

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9. 2013 Avalon Hybrid
> Make: Toyota
> Price: $35,555
> Combined fuel efficiency: 40 MPG
> 2012 U.S. sales: 619

Although the starting price for a Toyota Avalon Hybrid is more than $4,500 greater than the non-Hybrid model, drivers can recover much of their money in savings on gas. According to the EPA, a typical driver would save $5,000 on gas over five years by driving an Avalon Hybrid rather than the average new 2013 car. Drivers of conventional Avalon cars save as well, but the savings are far smaller — just $1,000 over five years. Potential Avalon buyers can select four trims, the XLE, XLE Premium, XLE Touring and Limited. Hybrid versions are available in all but the XLE trim and can cost as much as $41,400 for the XLE Limited.

8. 2013 Fit EV
> Make: Honda
> Price: $37,415
> Combined fuel efficiency: 118 MPG equivalent
> 2012 U.S. sales: 93

Honda launched the Fit EV as its entry in the plug-in electric vehicle market in mid 2012. Originally available only on the West Coast of the U.S., the Fit EV became available in February on the East Coast as well. The plug-in’s fuel economy should appeal to drivers who care about minimizing their impact on the environment. The Fit EV receives the electronic equivalent of 118 MPG combined city and highway, costing an average driver just $500 a year. The Honda Fit EV has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $37,415, but according to Honda’s website is available only for lease. For those who would rather not pay for the electric model, a standard Honda Fit costs just $15,425.

7. 2013 Jetta Hybrid
> Make: Volkswagen
> Price: $24,995
> Combined fuel efficiency: 45 MPG
> 2012 U.S. sales: 117

Volkswagen’s long-standing Jetta brand now has, for the first time, a gas-electric model. Wired gave the new 2013 Jetta Hybrid an 8 out of 10, citing as one of the car’s few drawbacks the substantial cost difference — more than $6,000 between the hybrid and the similarly-featured gas-only SE. However, the Hybrid gets a combined 45 MPG, compared to a 5-speed, manual SE’s 28 MPG. In a review of the hybrid, Edmunds applauded the car’s fuel economy as well as its “quick acceleration for a hybrid, spacious interior, and smooth and quiet ride quality.”

6. 2013 C-Max Energi
> Make: Ford
> Price: $32,950
> Combined fuel efficiency: 100 MPG equivalent (electric), 43 MPG (gas)
> 2012 U.S. sales: 2,100

The Energi is the plug-in version of Ford’s C-Max Hybrid. Impressively, the Energi was able to drive 21 miles off just electricity in EPA testing. Adding to that a combined 43 MPG when using a hybrid engine, the C-Max Energi had a driving range of 620 miles. But while the plug-in may save owners money on gas, it may be most-suitable for buyers especially committed to helping the environment because of its relatively high price. The C-Max Hybrid SE costs just more than $25,000, but the MSRP for the Energi is close to $33,000.