Special Report

Highest Paid Public Employee in Every State

1. Alabama
> Highest paid employee:
Nick Saban
> Position: College football coach
> Salary: $6.95 million

Nick Saban, who took over as head coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide in 2007, is the highest-paid government employee in the state of Alabama. Saban’s salary is higher than any public employee in the country. Last year, Saban made nearly $7 million.

2. Alaska
> Highest paid employee:
James Johnsen
> Position: College president
> Salary: $325,000

With an annual salary of $325,000, University of Alaska President James Johnsen makes more than double what Governor Bill Walker makes. Taking to the top job at the university on September 1, 2015, Johnsen’s salary is $5,000 higher than than former university president, Pat Gamble.

3. Arizona
> Highest paid employee:
Sean Miller
> Position: College basketball coach
> Salary: $3.07 million

University of Arizona men’s basketball coach Sean Miller is the highest-paid public employee in Arizona. Since he was hired in 2011, Miller has lead the Wildcats to more road wins during conference play than any other team in the conference. Miller earned over $3 million in 2014.

4. Arkansas
> Highest paid employee:
Bret Bielema
> Position: College football coach
> Salary: $4 million

Head coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks Bret Bielema received a wage bump in February, which raised his salary from $3.2 million in 2014 to $4 million for the 2015 season. With either Salary, Bielema is the highest-paid public employee in the state. In contrast, the highest-paid government official, Commissioner of Education Johnny Key, earns $231,177 a year.

5. California
> Highest paid employee:
James Mora
> Position: College football coach
> Salary: $3.35 million

Under the terms of a contract reached in December 2013, James Mora will earn $3.35 million in 2015 coaching the UCLA Bruins, the university’s football team. Mora’s salary is nearly 20 times that of Governor Jerry Brown.