Special Report

America's Fastest Growing Cities

11. Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land, TX
> Population growth (2010-2015):
> Total population: 6,656,947
> Per capita income: $54,820
> Unemployment rate: 4.8%

Like many major cities with substantial population growth rates in the past few years, Houston has likely attracted new residents with its relatively robust economy and abundant job opportunities. However, according to Frey, the area’s economic and population growth may be slowing today as a result of declining oil prices.

10. Raleigh, NC
> Population growth (2010-2015):
> Total population: 1,273,568
> Per capita income: $46,636
> Unemployment rate: 4.8%

Areas with diverse, technologically-oriented economies are more likely to attract young workers, according to Frey. This was likely a factor in Raleigh, where 16.2% of the population is employed in professional and scientific roles compared to 11.1% of the U.S. workforce and a greater share than in all but a handful of major metropolitan areas.

9. Greeley, CO
> Population growth (2010-2015):
> Total population: 285,174
> Per capita income: $38,664
> Unemployment rate: 3.3%

Greeley, Colorado’s population grew by more than 12% over the last five years, adding a net of 32,343 people over that time. While a portion of this increase — approximately 12,217 people — was due to more births than deaths in the area, most of the growth was due to net migration. Since 2010, just under 20,000 more people moved to Greeley than moved away.