10 Disappearing Car Brands

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Source: Wikimedia Commons

3. MINI Paceman
> Year introduced: 2013
> 2016 U.S. sales: N/A
> Sales change 2015-2016: N/A
> Parent company: BMW Group

Mini is the only British automaker to discontinue production of one of its models in 2016. Demand for the Paceman — a relatively expensive all-wheel drive coupe — did not meet expectations. By discontinuing the Paceman, BMW, Mini’s parent company, will be able to manufacture more of the models that have wider appeal. The plant responsible for manufacturing the Paceman in Graz, Austria will now have greater capacity to build the BMW 5-series, for example.

Introduced in 2013, the Mini Paceman is one of the shortest lived vehicle makes on this list.


2. Scion tC
> Year introduced: 2005
> 2016 U.S. sales: 9,336
> Sales change 2015-2016: -43.3%
> Parent company: Toyota Motor Corporation

The tC is the last model under the now nonexistent Scion brand. Introduced in the 2003 model year, Scion was Japanese automaker Toyota’s attempt to appeal to younger buyers, who were not buying Toyota vehicles. Over Scion’s almost decade and half years of existence, tastes among the young driver demographic have changed, however, and this kind of rebranding is no longer necessary. While the Scion tC will no longer be available to American motorists in 2017, other Scion models, including the iA, the iM, and the FR-S will be rebranded as Toyotas.

Source: Wikimedia Commons


1. Volvo S80
> Year introduced: 1999
> 2016 U.S. sales: 644
> Sales change 2015-2016: -65.9%
> Parent company: Zhejiang Geely Holding

After nearly two decades on the market, Volvo’s S80 luxury sedan will not return for the 2017 model year. The S80, which has not sold more than 2,000 units since 2012, was replaced by the S90, which sold well over 2,000 models in 2016, its debut year.

So far this year, the Swedish automaker’s car sales are improving dramatically. Volvo has sold 45.7% more cars to American drivers this year than it had by the same point in 2016, one of the largest such increases of any carmaker.