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Where Americans Are Traveling This Fourth of July and What They’ll Do

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10. Orlando, Florida
> Tourism revenue (2016): $60 billion
> Number of visitors (2016): 68 million

With Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando theme parks, Orlando is often billed as a family fun vacation. Other attractions include the Coca-Cola Orlando Eye ferris wheel and the Kennedy Space Center. For the adults who prefer a quiet day on the links, golfing is another big draw to central Florida.

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9. Vancouver, Canada
> Tourism revenue (2016): $4.4 billion
> Number of visitors (2016): 10 million

The West Coast City of Vancouver, just three hours drive from Seattle, is surrounded by mountains is renowned for its neighborhood diversity and is often voted among the best cities in the world. Offering plenty of outdoor activities in and around the city, including hiking, cycling, and water sports, visitors also enjoy urban attractions from the Museum of Anthropology to the market in Granville Island.

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8. Cancun, Mexico
> Tourism revenue (Jan-Aug 2016): $13.3 billion (total for Mexico)
> Number of visitors (Jan-Apr 2016): 11.4 million (total for Mexico)

U.S. tourists visiting Cancun hit the beaches during the day and enjoy the nightlife at the Mexican resort on the Yucatan Peninsula. Visitors can also explore Mayan culture nearby, experience ecotourism, and visit the underwater museum. Of course, there is also golf.