Cars Americans Don’t Want to Buy

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Source: Courtesy of General Motors

15. Buick Envision
> Avg. days on lot: 161.8
> 2017 sales: 41,040
> 2016 sales: 14,193
> Starting at: $33,995

After making its U.S. debut in late 2016, Buick sold over 41,000 Envision crossovers in 2017. No doubt trying to cash in on the popularity of crossovers, Buick may have overestimated how popular the Envision would be, as the average vehicle sat on the lot for 161.8 days before being sold. Buick is likely hoping that the redesigned Envision, coming out close to the third quarter of 2018, will sell more quickly.

Source: Courtesy of General Motors

14. Cadillac ATS
> Avg. days on lot: 164.9
> 2017 sales: 13,100
> 2016 sales: 21,505
> Starting at: $35,495

Though luxury cars have been fairly resilient amid the drop in sales overall, sales of the Cadillac ATS have decreased significantly every year since 2013, its first full year in production. After selling over 38,000 models in 2013, ATS sales plummeted to 13,100 in 2017. The Cadillac ATS is the only car to appear on this list for the fourth straight year.

Source: Courtesy of General Motors

13. Cadillac XTS
> Avg. days on lot: 165.0
> 2017 sales: 16,275
> 2016 sales: 22,171
> Starting at: $46,395

The Cadillac XTS is one of three Cadillac models on this list. Much like the ATS, the XTS debuted in 2012 and sold fewer and fewer cars each year after 2013. The sedan may have fallen victim to the overall trend of Americans shifting to SUVs and crossovers as their fuel efficiency gets better and gas relatively remains inexpensive.

Source: Courtesy of General Motors

12. Buick Cascada
> Avg. days on lot: 167.3
> 2017 sales: 5,595
> 2016 sales: 7,153
> Starting at: $33,065

Buick introduced the Cascada to American audiences in 2016, marking the company’s first convertible since the early 1990s. The car is sold under several different names in Europe, but Americans weren’t receptive to the car, and sales dropped to 5,595 units in 2017. The average Cascada took over 167 days to turn.

Source: Falcon Photography / Wikimedia Commons

11. Hyundai Genesis
> Avg. days on lot: 169.2
> 2017 sales: 1,134
> 2016 sales: 23,230
> Starting at: N/A

As consumers continue to shift away from cars in favor of SUVs, Hyundai is retooling its line of vehicle offerings. Dating back to 2008, Genesis has been available as both a sedan and a coupe, but both styles were discontinued, which likely made consumers reluctant to buy them. Hyundai is now rebranding the Genesis as a luxury vehicle, changing the name to Genesis G80.