Cars Americans Don’t Want to Buy

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Source: Courtesy of Nissan

5. Nissan Quest
> Avg. days on lot: 185.1
> 2017 sales: 4,950
> 2016 sales: 11,115
> Starting at: N/A

Minivans are falling out of favor as car owners who need spacious vehicles are increasingly opting for SUVs. The Nissan Quest appears to be a victim of this trend. While the minivan was discontinued after the 2016 model year, the Quests still in stock took over six months to find a buyer.

Source: Sherwood Kia Of Salisbury

4. Chrysler 200
> Avg. days on lot: 187.4
> 2017 sales: 18,457
> 2016 sales: 57,294
> Starting at: N/A

The Chrysler 200 has been discontinued, and for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles CEO Sergio Marchionne, it wasn’t a moment too soon. Marchionne said the 200, along with the Dodge Dart, was one of the “least financially rewarding enterprises that we’ve carried out.” Sales of the 200, which replaced the Sebring in 2010, peaked in 2015 at nearly 178,000, but it wasn’t enough to make the 200 profitable.

Source: M 93 / Wikimedia Commons

3. Volkswagen CC
> Avg. days on lot: 189.4
> 2017 sales: 1,355
> 2016 sales: 3,237
> Starting at: N/A

Volkswagen’s CC is out of production after several years of sliding sales. The CC was redesigned in 2012, but fewer people bought the car each year and Volkswagen ended its production. The sedan will be replaced by the new Arteon.

Source: Courtesy of FCA US

2. Dodge Dart
> Avg. days on lot: 207.8
> 2017 sales: 10,082
> 2016 sales: 43,402
> Starting at: N/A

Dodge’s attempt to revive the Dart — a brand popular in the 1960s and 1970s — proved to be short-lived. The Dart was discontinued in 2016 after just four years in production. The Dart’s sales fell well short of its competitors, and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles quickly pulled the plug. After the announcement that new Darts would no longer be produced, the cars took over 200 days to sell on average in 2017.

Source: Courtesy of General Motors

1. Buick Verano
> Avg. days on lot: 223.6
> 2017 sales: 4,277
> 2016 sales: 30,277
> Starting at: $21,065

The Buick Verano encapsulates many of the difficulties that sedan makers have faced in recent years. The Verano struggled to compete against crossovers and SUVs, so Buick discontinued the model in 2016. Selling over 1,000 units in 2017, the car still qualified for this list, but the discontinuation made Veranos a tough sell. Sales fell from over 30,000 in 2016 to under 5,000 in 2017. Those Veranos that sold sat on dealer lots for 223.6 days on average, much longer than any other vehicle.