Special Report

America's 40 Hottest New Music Stars


To determine America’s newest music superstars, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed artist performance on the Billboard Hot 100 music chart from Jan. 2, 2016 through the week of July 7, 2018. We then created an index using the number of weeks an artist spent on the chart during that period, the positions they held on the chart, and the number of page views each artist’s Wikipedia page received over the past two years, a reflection of each musician’s popularity. To be considered, artists could not have had a single reach its peak position on Hot 100 prior to the week of Jan. 2, 2016.

Songs for which the artist in question was not the primary performer were not included in our ranking. For example, if a rapper had a guest verse on another performer’s song, that song’s performance on the Hot 100 was not considered in our ranking.