Biggest Scandals of the Year

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Source: Jason Hanna / Getty Images

Another embarrassment for NFL

The NFL is dealing with more episodes of abuse of women by professional football players. Former Kansas City Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt was seen on video shoving and kicking a woman in a Cleveland hotel in February. TMZ published the video on Nov. 30. Since then, other videos have surfaced showing Hunt engaged in antisocial behavior. The Chiefs released the player shortly after the video was made public. The league is dealing with another problematic player as well. Linebacker Reuben Foster was released by the San Francisco 49ers after he was charged with misdemeanor domestic violence in Tampa, Florida. Despite outrage from many quarters, Foster was then picked up by the Washington Redskins.

Source: Spencer Platt / Getty Images

Tainted NYC water

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration is grappling with an ongoing crisis involving lead poisoning in the city’s public housing. In a report in September, the Education Department said over 1,100 water fixtures in city school buildings had lead levels above the EPA threshold, even though they were supposed to be fixed. Though the city had made progress in reducing the number of contaminated fixtures, about 25% of the city’s 1,500 schools still had at least one water fixture with elevated lead levels. The administration has been under fire for how it has handled lead paint in public housing. In June, the federal government slammed the city’s housing authority for misleading federal inspectors, presenting false reports to the federal government, and training staff on how to mislead federal inspectors about compliance with lead-paint regulations.

Source: Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images

Urban Meyer

Urban Meyer, head football coach at Ohio State University, is one of the most successful college football coaches of all time. But he was not able to escape the taint of a scandal this year, and it was one of the reasons why he is stepping down as coach of the Buckeyes. Meyer was suspended for three games by the university at the start of the 2018 season after it was revealed that he covered up incidents of domestic abuse committed by an assistant. Meyer, who also has health issues related to stress, led OSU to a national championship in 2014 and helmed the University of Florida to national titles in 2006 and 2008.