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The Unhealthiest Item in Every Fast-Food Chain in the US

Source: Courtesy of Krystal

Krystal: Bone In Wings
> Serving size: 12 in 1 pack
> Calories: 1,170
> Total amount of sugar: 12 g
> Total amount of fat: 90 g
> Total amount sodium: 2,940 mg

Just one pack of the bone-in wings and you will have consumed more, in some cases a lot more, than the recommended daily intake of fat (saturated fat as well), cholesterol, and sodium. More than 800 of the 1,170 total calories are in the form of fat. You will need to run for more than an hour and 40 minutes, or walk for more than 5 hours, to burn off those calories.

Source: Courtesy of KFC

KFC: Chicken Pot Pie
> Serving size: 1 pie (14.1 oz or 399 g)
> Calories: 720
> Total amount of sugar: 5 g
> Total amount of fat: 41 g
> Total amount sodium: 1,750 mg

While the chicken pot pie contains no trans fats, just one serving contains 25 grams of saturated fat, which amounts to 125% of the recommended daily value. The amount of saturated fat is also what’s dragging this food item to the top of the unhealthiest foods at KFC. Extra crispy chicken breast, the KFC Famous Bowl, and popcorn nuggets have similar amounts of calories, sugar, and sodium, but a lot less saturated fat.

Source: Courtesy of Charnetta M. via Yelp

Popeyes: Chicken Livers
> Serving size: 10 pieces
> Calories: 1,190
> Total amount of sugar: 3 g
> Total amount of fat: 80 g
> Total amount sodium: 2,070 mg

Imagine eating just five pieces of small chicken livers and you’re done with the amount of fat and almost done with the amount of sodium you should consume in a day.

The 5 Pieces Handcrafted Tenders Spicy or Mild is also among the worst fast food items, according to Gorin, because of the way it’s prepared. If you order this liver menu item, you’re looking at 741 calories, 14 grams of saturated fat, and 2 grams of trans fats. If you were to order those same Handcrafted Tenders but blackened, you’re looking at a much healthier choice, with 283 calories and no saturated or trans fats, she noted. “The blackened tenders are cooked without batter and aren’t breaded.”

Source: Rick Diamond / Getty Images

Arby’s: Sausage Gravy Biscuit-Double
> Serving size: 522 g
> Calories: 970
> Total amount of sugar: 5 g
> Total amount of fat: 56 g
> Total amount sodium: 3,540 mg

You may think that some kind of burger or meat sandwich would be the least healthy in a place specializing in meat, but this is not the case at Arby’s. The “winner” is the sausage gravy double biscuit because it contains too much fat (about a 10th of it is fat) and sodium (more than 1,000 mg than the recommended daily amount).