Special Report

Countries With the Most and Least Disrespect for America

Samuel Stebbins, Michael B. Sauter, Charles Stockdale

Countries That Disrespect America the Most

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19. Spain
> Disapproval rating: 73% (tied)
> GDP per capita: $38,239
> Unemployment rate: 14.5%
> Life expectancy: 82.8 years

U.S. leadership has a median disapproval rating of 59% among European countries, the highest of any continent. Discontent with the Trump administration is even greater in Spain, where 73% of adults disapprove of American leadership. Spain is one of several NATO member states to draw sharp criticism from the Trump administration for not spending enough on defense. As of 2017, Spain spent less than 1% of GDP on defense, nearly the least of any NATO member state.

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18. Germany
> Disapproval rating: 73% (tied)
> GDP per capita: $49,815
> Unemployment rate: 3.7%
> Life expectancy: 80.6 years

Most of the countries that disapprove most of U.S. leadership are European, and that includes Germany, the largest economy on the continent. Of the four major world powers included in the Gallup study — the United States, Russia, China, and Germany — Germany had the highest global approval rating, at 39%.

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17. Switzerland
> Disapproval rating: 73% (tied)
> GDP per capita: $61,014
> Unemployment rate: 4.8%
> Life expectancy: 82.9 years

Switzerland’s 73% disapproval rating of the Trump administration is the same as the disapproval rating in neighboring Germany. Trump was scheduled to meet with the Swiss finance minister in Davos in January 2019, but he cancelled the trip because the U.S. government shut down.

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16. Turkey
> Disapproval rating: 73% (tied)
> GDP per capita: $25,777
> Unemployment rate: 11.1%
> Life expectancy: 75.8 years

Tensions between Turkey and the United States increased after Trump piled on existing sanctions with tariffs on aluminum and steel. In August 2018, the Trump administration doubled tariffs on Turkish steel and also raised tariffs on aluminum in response to the 21 month detention of an American pastor.

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15. Pakistan
> Disapproval rating: 73% (tied)
> GDP per capita: $5,375
> Unemployment rate: 4.2%
> Life expectancy: 66.5 years

Almost three-quarters of adults in Pakistan population disapprove of current U.S. leadership. This likely stems in part from the perceived U.S. support of India, Pakistan’s primary rival. Relations between the two bordering nations remain as tense as they have been in years. Last year, Trump took a harder line against Pakistan when referring to the crisis.