Special Report

Countries With the Most and Least Disrespect for America

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9. Finland
> Disapproval rating: 75% (tied)
> GDP per capita: $43,545
> Unemployment rate: 8.2%
> Life expectancy: 81.8 years

Three out of four adults in Finland disapprove of America’s current leadership, the second worst of the five Nordic countries after Norway. People in Finland took to twitter to mock the U.S. president in November 2018 after Trump suggested that Finland is able to avoid catastrophic forest fires — like those that were burning in California at the time — by raking.

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8. Chile
> Disapproval rating: 75% (tied)
> GDP per capita: $24,797
> Unemployment rate: 7.0%
> Life expectancy: 79.5 years

Chile has far and away the highest disapproval rating of the Trump administration of any South American nation. Three out of every four Chileans disapprove of the administration, compared to less than two-thirds of the population of every other country on the continent. Relations between the United States and Chile have been strained by the tit-for-tat trade battle between the U.S. and China. Tariffs imposed by the two countries have resulted in lower copper prices, and Chile is the world’s largest copper exporter.

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7. Yemen
> Disapproval rating: 75% (tied)
> GDP per capita: $2,477
> Unemployment rate: 14.2%
> Life expectancy: 65.0 years

Three in every four adults in Yemen disapprove of the Trump administration. There is a civil war raging in Yemen, and the U.S. has backed a Saudi-led coalition in the fight for years, perpetuating a devastating conflict.

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6. Austria
> Disapproval rating: 76%
> GDP per capita: $49,371
> Unemployment rate: 5.4%
> Life expectancy: 80.9 years

The Trump administration has a 76% disapproval rating in Austria, more than in all but five other countries worldwide. Earlier this year, Austria expressed concerns over nuclear proliferation following Trump’s withdrawal from a Cold War-era treaty between the United States and Russia that included restrictions on certain kinds of land-based cruise missiles.

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5. Netherlands
> Disapproval rating: 77%
> GDP per capita: $53,139
> Unemployment rate: 3.8%
> Life expectancy: 81.5 years

In the Netherlands, 77% of the adult population disapproves of the Trump administration, the largest share of any country in Western Europe. In 2018, amid rising trade tensions between the United States and the European Union — a group of countries that includes the Netherlands — Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte interrupted Trump in a White House press conference to dispute the president’s claim that leaving trade issues unresolved is not necessarily bad.