Special Report

Countries With the Most and Least Disrespect for America

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13. Benin
> Approval rating: 60% (tied)
> GDP per capita: $2,230
> Unemployment rate: 2.4%
> Life expectancy: 60.9 years

Three in every five adults in the West African country of Benin approve of U.S. leadership. The country has a relatively low GDP per capita — as is the case with many countries in the region — and struggles with many issues such as inadequate health care, poor public education, and widespread corruption. The United States has provided extensive assistance, however, including $375 million for infrastructure improvement in 2017.

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12. Mongolia
> Approval rating: 60% (tied)
> GDP per capita: $12,334
> Unemployment rate: 6.7%
> Life expectancy: 69.3 years

In Mongolia, 60% of residents approve of the Trump administration, the highest approval rating of any East Asian country. Recently, the country jockeyed for a bid to host the summit between Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un but lost out to Vietnam.

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11. Zimbabwe
> Approval rating: 61% (tied)
> GDP per capita: $2,003
> Unemployment rate: 5.0%
> Life expectancy: 61.2 years

In November 2017, Robert Mugabe — Zimbabwe’s leader for 37 years — was forced from power following a public uprising. Approval of U.S. leadership in the country also increased a substantial 11 percentage points between 2017 and 2018 and now stands at 61%.

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10. Philippines
> Approval rating: 61% (tied)
> GDP per capita: $8,270
> Unemployment rate: 1.9%
> Life expectancy: 69.1 years

In 1946, President Harry Truman signed the Treaty of Manila, granting sovereignty to the new Republic of the Philippines. Residents of the former sovereign of the United States remain among the staunchest supporters of current leadership, with 61% saying they approve of the current administration.

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9. Congo (Brazzaville)
> Approval rating: 62%
> GDP per capita: $6,721
> Unemployment rate: 11.3%
> Life expectancy: 64.6 years

Approval of U.S. leadership increased by 12 percentage points in Congo (Brazzaville) from 2017 to 2018 — nearly the largest increase of any country surveyed. Recent agreements between the U.S. and the Congo, such as the Open Skies Air Transport Agreement, are expected to increase travel and trade.