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Best St. Patrick's Day Events in the Country

Source: Courtesy of Hannah K. via Yelp

Two parades!
> Location: Buffalo, New York
> Time: 3/16/2019

That’s right, Buffalo, New York, holds two parades for St. Patrick’s Day, one on Saturday and a big one on Sunday. The first goes through the Old First Ward, a historic Irish immigrant neighborhood. The next day after Sunday mass, the big parade features Irish dancers, marching bands, and numerous local civic organizations.

Source: Scott Eisen / Getty Images

The most Irish descendants in the country
> Location: Boston, Massachusetts
> Time: 3/17/2019

Boston has the most Irish descendants–and Irish pubs–in the country. Attracting up to 1 million spectators annually, the city’s St. Patrick’s parade is the third largest in the country. Boston also hosts an Irish film festival and a days-long concert series in celebration of Irish heritage.

Source: Joe Mabel / Wikimedia Commons

St. Patrick’s Road Race
> Location: Holyoke, Massachusetts
> Time: 3/17/2019

Called a “miniature Boston marathon,” — the course is only 6.2 miles — Holyoke’s St. Patrick’s Road Race turns into a block party once everyone has crossed the finish line. Around 7,000 runners and tens of thousands of spectators attend the event, after which the city holds a pageant, a JFK memorial Award dinner and, of course, a parade.

Source: Patrick Hoesly / Flickr

Irish Parade & Snake Saturday
> Location: Kansas City, Missouri
> Time: 3/17/2019

Kansas City, Missouri’s Snake Saturday celebration is named after the Irish myth of St. Patrick driving the snakes (actually the pagans) out of Ireland. Though there are no snakes, there is a charity cook-off, a weekend-long carnival, and a parade that draws 200,000 spectators.

Source: Usaf 1832 / Wikimedia Commons

The parade is the largest in the state
> Location: Cleveland, Ohio
> Time: 3/17/2019

The oldest and largest St. Patrick’s parade in Ohio, Cleveland’s parade attracts up to 500,000 people and always takes place on March 17, no matter what day of the week that is. Around 13,000 residents march in the parade, which features kilted bagpipe bands, Irish dancers, and even Irish wolfhounds.