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The Least Common Town Names in the US

Source: Magnolia677 / Wikimedia Commons

6. Man, West Virginia
> 2017 Population: 903
> Municipal status: Town

The name of the town comes from last syllable of the Ulysses Hichman, at the time a respected member of the West Virginia House of Delegates from Logan County, where the town is located. Hichman (which is sometimes spelled Hinchman) also was one of the first doctors in the area and the country’s census taker.

Source: Porkypinekiwi / Wikimedia Commons

7. Eek, Alaska
> 2017 Population: 474
> Municipal status: City

Eek’s name may remind of the sound a frightened person makes, but it’s actually an anglicized corruption of the locality’s Central Yup’ik name, Ekvicuaq — literally “little cliff.” Another theory for the name’s origin is that it came from the Eskimo word for “two eyes.”

Source: Barboufatte / WIkimedia Commons

8. Cool, Texas
> 2017 Population: 243
> Municipal status: City

A more appropriate name of this town may have been Humid. The city’s climate is characterized by high temperatures and rain throughout the year. Summers are especially hot — even nights are warm — and moist.

Source: Auntiepookie91 / Wikimedia Commons

9. Zinc, Arkansas
> 2017 Population: 68
> Municipal status: Town

No mystery here. This small town in Boone County got its name because of the abundance of zinc and lead, which were first discovered in the area in the 1890s.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

10. Dogtown, California
> 2017 Population: 2,548
> Municipal status: Census-designated place

You may find it on occasion spelled Dog Town. In the mid-1800s, the area became the first of the gold rush sites east of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Those who came to explore the area’s riches settled in a camp, calling the place Dog Town — a popular miner’s term for camps made of huts or hovels.