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The Least Common Town Names in the US

Source: Idawriter / Wikimedia Commons

11. Bergoo, West Virginia
> 2017 Population: 36
> Municipal status: Census-designated place

The community of Bergoo used to be called Leatherwood, which made sense because the place was a center of logging activity in its heyday. Bergoo is believed to be derived from the word burgoo, a type of Irish stew the loggers used to make.

Source: Robert Emperley / Flickr

12. Wineglass, Montana
> 2017 Population: 352
> Municipal status: Census-designated place

The area got its name from its mountainous location. Some believe that when you look up, the mountain appears to be in the shape of a wine glass.

Source: Courtesy of Florence County

13. Coward, South Carolina
> 2017 Population: 760
> Municipal status: Town

It’s likely not easy for town residents to say where they’re from, and many amusing moments can ensue. The reality is more straightforward. The town was most likely named after the prominent Coward family, which lives in the county.

Source: texasbackroads / Flickr

14. DISH, Texas
> 2017 Population: 418
> Municipal status: town

The town’s first name was Clark, but residents voted in 2005 to rename it for popularity as well as financial reasons. The new and current name comes from television provider Dish Network. Residents changed it as a publicity stunt to get free satellite service for a decade.

Source: dougtone / Flickr

15. Accident, Maryland
> 2017 Population: 280
> Municipal status: Town

In 1751, when land speculator George Deakins, Jr., was granted the patent, or official land grant, to the tract where the town now stands, he called it “Accident.” According to local lore, this was because the two engineers Deakins sent to examine the best land in the 600 acres he was given had accidentally surveyed the same tract simultaneously.