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Weirdest Job in Every State

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26. Montana
> Weirdest job: Explosives worker

Explosives workers lay and detonate explosives typically with the purpose of moving or loosening earth and rock. Explosives workers are highly concentrated in Montana relative to the U.S. as a whole.

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27. Nebraska
> Weirdest job: Dredge operator

Dredge operators use machines to remove sediment or other objects from waterways. Nebraska is home to parts of the Platte and Missouri Rivers. It has one dredge operator for every 10,000 jobs — the highest rate among states and more than double the next closest state, Louisiana.

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28. Nevada
> Weirdest job: Gaming service worker

With a glut of casinos located in Las Vegas, as well as the rest of the state, Nevada needs lots of people to work in the gaming industry.

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Source: Courtesy of Art from Ashes

29. New Hampshire
> Weirdest job: Ash artist

New Hampshire is home to studios like Terrapin Glassblowing and Art From Ashes that can take a deceased loved one’s ashes and turn it into a memorializing work of art.

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30. New Jersey
> Weirdest job: Gum buster

Stepping in gum is frustrating and gross. Fortunately, GumBusters of New Jersey and New York have the tools and the skills to make sidewalks safe from sticky discarded gum.

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