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The Cost of a Wedding in Every State

When planning a wedding, the couple and their families want to make the ceremony and reception a memorable celebration of love — and whoever is financing the event often spares no expense to make sure everything is exactly right.

Many weddings take months of planning and cost thousands of dollars. Clothing, hair and makeup, photography, and entertainment are all pricey, but the most expensive part of the average wedding is food. The average amount spent on food at a wedding is $4,600. Venue rental, bar service, and an engagement ring all cost thousands on average as well. Venue rental, bar service, and the engagement ring also cost thousands of dollars.

When all is said and done, the average American wedding costs $24,723. Wedding costs, however, can be cheaper in some states and more expensive in others, and the average wedding cost can vary by thousands of dollars from state to state.

24/7 Wall St. reviewed data for 2018 from The Wedding Report Inc. to determine the cost of a wedding in every state.

As you may expect, residents in wealthier states tend to spend more on weddings, while those getting married in states with lower median household incomes spend less. These are the states with the best economies.

The average cost of a wedding is less than $20,000 in only nine states, most of which are in the South. There are also 11 states in which the average wedding costs is over $30,000. These states are mostly located in the Northeast. Of course, the cost of a wedding also varies from city to city. These are the richest towns in every state.

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