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The 25 Best Countries for Working Abroad

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10. New Zealand

This island nation 1,200 miles east of Australia is the 11th top overall destination for expats in this global survey. It ranks within the top 10 countries for a good work-life balance, family well-being, and availability of childcare services, and it’s among the top five countries for general safety and security and digital infrastructure. It also ranks fairly high for job security and career prospects. It ranks lower for expats’ ability to make friends and having English-language skills is fairly important.

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9. Luxembourg

If you can land an expat job in this tiny Western European country then you’re set. Luxembourg ranks 1st in job security, as well as general safety and security. But the country gets significantly lower marks for career prospects, work-life balance, and friendliness. Also, if you work in Luxembourg, it helps greatly if you speak French or German fluently, as it ranks 31st in terms of ease of dealing with foreign language barriers.

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8. Germany

Germany ranks as the most common country of residence for expats, ahead of the United States, and also had the highest number of respondents (more than 1,600) to this survey. Germany received a considerable boost in this ranking of the best countries for working abroad because of its economy and the sense of job security among expats. But the country ranks lower for the ability of expats to find jobs and its work-life balance. The only subcategories in which Germany ranks among the top 10 countries is in transportation infrastructure and the low cost of childcare and education.

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7. Vietnam

This rapidly developing Southeast Asian country ranks in second place for career prospects and satisfaction and is in the top five for good work-life balance. Seventy-one percent of respondents rated career prospects positively. However, the country stands out for having significantly more male respondents (63%) than women. What pulled Vietnam down in terms of working abroad was the state of the economy and job security, which ranked 28th in this latest survey. Vietnam placed within the top 10 countries in this survey for friendliness and personal happiness.

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6. Denmark

Denmark ranks lower than its Scandinavian neighbor Norway in terms of working abroad, and like other European countries ranks low in career prospects because of the high educational attainment of its native population. But if you can land an expat job in Denmark, survey respondents placed the country among the top five best for childcare and education costs, quality of overall education, healthcare, safety and digital life (quality of internet and use of new technologies like e-payments). Denmark also ranks first for work-life balance.