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Why It Has Gotten Harder to Find a Job in These Cities

Since the end of the Great Recession in 2009, the U.S. economy has entered an era of unprecedented growth. Overall employment has climbed for a record 109 consecutive months through October 2019, and the national unemployment rate hit 3.5% in September 2019, the lowest level since the 1960s. 

For the majority of communities across the United States, an improving job market has been the dominant narrative for some time now. Here is a list of the 50 cities adding the most jobs in each state. 

Still, in some U.S. cities, such growth and prosperity has been elusive. In these cities, job growth has been sluggish or non-existent in recent years, and unemployment is far more common than it is nationwide. 

There are 128 U.S. metropolitan areas where overall employment has climbed at half the pace or slower of the comparable national job growth rate of 14.4% between 2010 in 2018. In 26 of these metro areas, the unemployment rate is 5% or higher. 24/7 Wall St. reviewed sector-level employment change with data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to determine why it has gotten harder to find a job in these cities. 

It is important to note that the cities on this list are not necessarily those with the highest unemployment rates. Nationwide, there are 10 cities with unemployment rates higher than those on this list. However, they have also reported employment growth close to or higher than the national rate. The cities with the highest jobless rates also tend to be heavily dependent on the agricultural sector, which can skew unemployment measurements because work is often seasonal.

In contrast, the cities on this list have both high unemployment and weak job growth. In fact, the majority of cities on this list have reported a decline in overall employment since the end of the recession. Some have even reported near nation-leading employment declines in recent years. Here is a look at the 25 American cities losing the most jobs.

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