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Beautiful Places to Visit Instead of Overcrowded Tourist Destinations

Source: davidionut / Getty Images

Luang Prabang, Laos

This city in northern Laos contains a romantic mixture of French colonial architecture and ornate Buddhist temples, surrounded by rainforest. Multiple daily markets provide all the fresh meals you’ll need and you can also browse for crafts and textiles.

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Adam’s Peak, Sri Lanka

Adams Peak is a 7,359-foot high mountain in the central highlands of Sri Lanka. The mountain is sacred to people of multiple faiths, as a stone indentation at the top is believed to be the footprint of Buddha, Shiva, or Adam, depending on who you ask. Over 5,000 stair steps take pilgrims to the top to visit the footstep and get a spectacular view.

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Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Built along an ancient route from Western Europe to Constantinople, Plovdiv is one of the oldest continually occupied cities in Europe. The city has been ruled by multiple empires including the Thracians, Romans, and Ottomans, and contains relics from all of these eras, including a 600-year-old Mosque and an even older Roman stadium.

Source: Dmitry_Saparov / Getty Images

Huacachina, Peru

Amidst sand dunes in the barren desert outside of Ica, Huacachina is a small town built around an oasis that became a popular bathing destination in the 1960’s. Hotels, restaurants, and palm trees line the edges of the water. Tourists can rent dune buggies or go body boarding on the sand dunes outside of town.

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Semuc Champey, Guatemala

Semuc Champey is a natural formation deep in the remote mountains of Alta Verapaz. Situated on top of a natural limestone bridge, the formation includes six turquoise pools and a network of caves and underground waterfalls. Although the area is virtually inaccessible without a high clearance four-wheel drive vehicle, visitors can take a pickup truck taxi to the falls.