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This Is the State Where the Most People Are Worried About Pay Cuts

The COVID-19 pandemic savaged the job market early in 2020 and has only rebounded moderately by year-end. After crashing from a five-decade best national jobless rate of 3.5% in February to a multi decade high of 14.7% in April, the figure settled at 6.7% in December. Based on the country’s jobless rate over the last five years, the December figure is still high. The total number of people unemployed in December was 10.73 million compared to 5.84 million in December 2019.

Job loss is not the only anxiety that faces many American workers. Pay cuts are another. The United States Census Bureau has kept track of the effects of the pandemic on many aspects of American lives. The new research that tracks this is called The Household Pulse Survey. This new study, the Census says, is “designed to deploy quickly and efficiently, collecting data on a range of ways in which people’s lives have been impacted by the pandemic. Data will be disseminated in near real-time to inform federal and state response and recovery planning.”

The issues tracked range from whether people have been vaccinated, to whether people can afford food, to the likelihood people face eviction. Another specific question is the percent of adults, people who are 18 years of age or older,  who believe someone in their household will have a loss of employment income in the next four weeks. 

California is the state where the most people are worried about cuts in income. The figure is over 11.4 million adults. That is over 39% of the state’s population which is also the highest number among all states. 24/7 Wall St. has looked at the same data for each of the other states. 

The Household Pulse Survey data has been collected each week for the last 22 weeks. The most recent statistics cover January 6 to January 18. 

As is the case with unemployment and median income, concerns about wage loss vary considerably by state and city. Across the adult population of people 18 years or older, which numbers 249,170,917, 27% believe that someone in their household will have a loss of income in the next four weeks. Among the 50 states, the figure is as high as 40% in some cases, and below 20% in others.

24/7 Wall St. looked at the percent of people who “expect someone in their household to have a loss in employment income in the next 4 weeks” to create a list of states where people are most worried about pay cuts. 

For each state, we have provided the total population of people over 18, the total among those who expect loss in unemployment income, and the percent of the adult population that expectation. 

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