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Why the ‘Oscars’ and Other Little Known Fun Facts About the Academy Awards

The popularity of the Academy Awards has declined in recent years. The ceremony ins 2018 was the one of the least-watched Oscars broadcast, with nearly half as many people tuning in as four years prior. The show will not have a host for a third year in a row.

Yet, despite the recent troubles, the Oscars are still the most anticipated awards ceremony in entertainment.

Oscar fans tend to have favorite portions or aspects of the show. Some tune in to see what Hollywood’s biggest stars will be wearing on the red carpet. Others watch for the musical performances or for the annual reflections on those who passed. Of course, we have all also come to expect the unexpected from the show, and many look forward to each year’s most newsworthy happenings. These are 25 of the Oscars’ most egregious snubs.

For all the elements of the show we love and enjoy, there are numerous facts about the Oscars that are unknown. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences was founded 94 years ago, and in this time it has developed a rich history. 24/7 Tempo has identified 30 little known facts about the nation’s most popular entertainment event – including just why the iconic trophy is called an “Oscar” in the first place.

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