Special Report

States Where the Most People Are Vaccinated

As the U.S. braces for winter and flu season, the national COVID-19 vaccination effort is as urgent as it ever has been. So far, an estimated 190,793,100 Americans have been fully vaccinated, or 58.3% of the population.

Some states are proving more effective than others in getting their residents vaccinated. Depending on the state, the share of the population that has been fully vaccinated ranges from as low as 40.7% all the way up to 70.7%.

So far, the states with the highest vaccination rates are overwhelmingly concentrated in the Northeast, while most of those with the lowest vaccination rates are in the South.

Due in large part to vaccine hesitancy and resistance, millions of doses are currently sitting idle under the purview of state governments, yet to be administered. As of Oct. 26, only about 82.2% of the 504,584,700 doses of the vaccine that have been distributed to the 50 states and Washington D.C. have been administered. In one state, only 50.8% of delivered doses have gone into the arms of residents.

Meanwhile, the virus continues to spread. In total, there have been 13,801 known infections for every 100,000 people nationwide.