FCC: Broadband And Socialism

Douglas A. McIntyre

The FCC will have another of its interminable airwaves auctions soon. Telecom and tech companies will run in to buy spectrum so that they can send voice, video, data, and junk without having to hang wires or bury wires in the ground.

The agency may put a little twist into the next auction. According to The Wall Street Journal “The Federal Communications Commission is considering a plan that would require the winner of a planned airwaves auction to offer free wireless-Internet service to most Americans within the next few years.”

Those receiving the “free” internet could not use it to look at porno or other nasty stuff. It would not be good for the FCC to help promote that kind of behavior.

The agency would like to have its cake and eat it, too. Private companies will pay the agency a ton for spectrum which they can use for commercial purposes. In exchange, they can give a part of that away and spend money helping to bring broadband to every man, woman, and child. Those airwaves cannot be used to support any bad behavior.

Someone needs to call a psychiatrist for Kevin Martin.

Douglas A. McIntyre