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Meet the New Motorola, Actually Motorolas (MOT, MMI, MSI)

The old perpetually restructuring Motorola is now gone, reverse splits have taken place, and the new companies are trading on the NYSE.  Starting today, we have the official launch of the two companies.  Replacing Motorola Inc. (NYSE: MOT) are Motorola Mobility Holdings (NYSE: MMI) and Motorola Solutions Inc. (NYSE: MSI).

Motorola Mobility’s operations are Mobile Phones and accessories, Business-Ready Devices, and Video Solutions for service providers.  Its investor relations site was giving a ‘Network Error’ this morning.

Motorola Solution covers business and mission-critical communications products and services sold to enterprises and governments.  This includes Two-way Radios and accessories, Mobile Computers, Wireless Network Infrastructure, Private Radio Systems, Bar Code Scanning and RFID, and Public Safety Broadband. Its investor relations site is here.

Some of the analyst calls for Motorola Mobility Holdings (NYSE: MMI) are as follows: Started as Outperform at Cowen; Started as Underweight at JPMorgan; Started as Outperform at Credit Suisse; Started as Hold at Jefferies; Started as Overweight at Barclays; Started as Overweight at Morgan Stanley; Started as Buy at Goldman Sachs.

Some of the analyst calls for Motorola Solutions, Inc. (NYSE: MSI) are as follows: Started as Hold at Citi; Started as Neutral at Credit Suisse; Started as Equal-Weight at Barclays; Started as Neutral at JPMorgan; Started as Hold at Jefferies.

It truly is a different world.  The positive bias is on the consumer side and the caution is on the enterprise side.  With the Google Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG) slate of smartphones and with a tablet PC probably being debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show this week in Las Vegas, you know where the attention is being directed.

The reality is that it will likely be several days before the companies begin to be thought of as entirely different.  Spin-offs and break-ups are often in limbo for a while before the public fully understands what it is evaluating for an investment opportunity.

Motorola Mobility shares were given a $30 debut indication and the NYSE open price was listed as $31.17 this morning.  Motorola Solutions shares were given a $37 indication and we show an opening bell price of $37.30.