Consumer Rights Group Protests Airline Practices

A number of airline employees, from pilots to flight attendants, have complained about safety conditions on the few flights that still serve American cities. A consumer group,, has protested the current practices and offered suggestions about how carriers and passengers can travel more safely. claims it is the largest organization to represent airline passengers. In a letter to the CEOs of U.S.-based airlines, it wrote:

1. Social Distancing. Separation of passengers by 3 to 10 feet on airliners and at airports.

2. Wearing of N-95 by flight attendants and for any sick passengers.

3. Testing of passengers and flight crews and other airline personnel in contact with the public for fever and the coronavirus prior to flying.

4. Quarantining of passengers exposed or testing positive for the coronavirus.

5. Cleaning and sanitizing of cabin and other surfaces in contact with passengers.

6. Encouraging the public not to use air travel except essential purposes during the National Emergency.

The organization claims that violation of these breaks with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other government regulations to protect people, both those who fly and those on the ground.

Carriers face extremely dangerous financial futures and will need government assistance to stay in business. Some of the loans given to carriers will come with the understanding that they will not lay off workers. However, it is another question about whether they protect those workers from COVID-19 infection. At least one group says they are not.