Microsoft: Linux Keeps Losing

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It looks like the Linux open-source guys have lost another round to Microsoft (MSFT). According to "Microsoft picked up 2 percentage points, bringing its market share to 67.1% of servers shipped during the second quarter, according to data from Gartner." The financial website adds "Linux accounted for 22.8% of server shipments, down from 23.1% the year before"

Linux continues to be haunted by IP problems. Microsoft claims that the open-source initiative violates a number of its patents.

And, Linux has not central development authority, at least not in the way the Microsoft does. The progress of Linux software is, therefore, less certain. It is not wonder that the largest enterprise reseller of Linux, Redhat (RHT) is still a small company.

Linux is on the road to nowhere, fast.

Douglas A. McIntyre